A finely crafted collection of raccoons.

Saccoons is a collection of 6,500 algorithmically generated NFT raccoons encompassing exquisite hand-drawn traits.

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Minting will open in 7 days, 3 hours and 42 minutes.

Minting is now open! Please connect your wallet and click the mint button above to get your Saccoon.

Examples of Saccoons

What's all the hype about?

Saccoons is a unique take on the current NFT craze, simultaneously creating finely crafted digital art, whilst also being available to everyone at a fair mint price. We have spent many weeks planning out unique character traits to allow us to algorithmically generate 6,500 interesting and exciting raccoons, better known as Saccoons.

Minting a Saccoon not only gives you a unique artwork that you will both own and exist on the blockchain forever, but also means you're part of the Saccoons community too. Our community is at the heart of our project, and we encourage both Saccoon holders and prospective minters to join our thriving Discord full of like-minded individuals.

Frequently asked questions

When does minting open?

The Saccoon mint process will open on Saturday 18th September at 8PM UTC. In the run up to the minting process it's imperative you join our Discord community so you don't miss any updates.

How many Saccoons are available?

There are a total of 6,500 uniquely generated Saccoons available. The Saccoons team researched other collections and concluded that keeping the collection medium sized is the secret to create a thriving community.

How much does it cost to mint a Saccoon?

The primary goal of Saccoons is to create beautiful digital art that is accessible to everyone. The price to mint a Saccoon is 1 SOL.

Are all generated Saccoons unique?

Saccoons are algorithmically generated, and therefore we can guarantee that every Saccoon is truly unique.

Are some Saccoons rarer than others?

Each algorithmically generated Saccoon is made up from different attributes, for example hats or clothing. Within these attribute sets exist rarer styles that have different percentage based drop rates. Will you be lucky enough to mint a super rare Saccoon?

Where can I buy or sell Saccoons?

Initially Saccoons can only be purchased from the Saccoons website. After our initial sale we will ensure that our collection is available to both buy and sell on third party markets, including Digital Eyes and our own marketplace.

How can I purchase a Saccoon?

Saccoons can be purchased through our website once the minting process opens. Purchasing a Saccoon is simple, simply connect your Phantom wallet by clicking the 'Connect Phantom' button in the top right of website. When the minting process opens you can then click the green 'Mint NFT Now' button which will prompt a transaction on your Phantom wallet. Just click approve and your NFT will appear in your wallet shortly after. Please ensure you have enough balance plus a little extra to cover any Solana transaction fees.